Nine of the twelve songs in this cloudcast are products of North America: two from Canada, seven from the USA. The three remaining songs originated in Russia, Japan, and the UK. There is also a fair amount of not-exactly-Shoegaze material in this mix, but, while it may not be your father’s Shoegaze, it’s all fuzzy and it’s all good.

The UK’s wool gets things started with the third of four tracks found on Suncoast Digest, which appears to be the artist’s debut EP. This is followed by a track from The Music of Sound by Whales (the ones in Chicago), the EP representing the first new music from this band since the 2013 release of Size and Scale. Track three is by Lavender, also from Illinois, who have followed up the release of the Demo 2014 EP with another EP, New Shade. Track four comes courtesy of San Diego’s Giant Surprise. The release of their first EP, Is Failure An Option?, arriving a little more than five months after the release of their Endless single in 2015.

A lovely slice of genuine Shoegaze goodness from Japan’s COLLAPSE and their Self Titled EP leads the way into the next set of four tracks. I just can’t get enough guitar-driven walls of sound wrapped around female vocals, so I really hope this band comes back with more like this in the very near future. Boston’s Magic Shoppe keeps things going with a superb psychgaze track taken from their Interstellar Car Crash EP. I liked this EP so much I bought their entire back catalogue (essentially three earlier EPs). From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Living Hour brings an interesting self-titled debut album that I frankly have no idea how to tag, but, as I wrote above, it is fuzzy. Another bit of offbeat fuzziness was delivered by New Speedway on the one-track single Behavior: Holds, which is now no longer visible to the public. I have to believe that it will return in the future, as it is simply too good a song to discard.

It didn’t happen by design, but it turns out that the third and final set of four tracks also begins with a track by a non-North American band. This time, Russia’s Bananafish have that distinction, with the title track from this Saint Petersburg band’s debut single starting the countdown to the end. The opening track from the Candy Depression EP by The World Needs Winners of Crossville, Tennessee comes next. This is followed by the first track from Jelly, the debut EP by Toledo, Ohio’s Good Personalities. Vancouver, British Columbia’s The Orange Kyte brings things to a conclusion with some more psychgaze, this one coming from the first of several one-track singles the artist intends to release over the coming months.


One of the problems with posting so late at night/early in the morning is that I always forget something. In this case, it was an acknowledgement of the help I received from The Primal Music Blog and Sounds Better With Reverb. The former pointing me toward The Orange Kyte and Magic Shoppe, the latter toward Living Hour. I’d say something about what great sites they are and suggest you check them out, but, if your search for Shoegaze has led you to this blog, you will already know about those two.


  1. “Exhibition” by wool from Suncoast Digest
  2. “Birthmark” by Whales from The Music of Sound
  3. “Failed Attempt” by Lavender from New Shade
  4. “Weightless” by Giant Surprise from Is Failure An Option?
  5. “Syrup” by COLLAPSE from Self Titled EP
  6. “Redhead” by Magic Shoppe from Interstellar Car Crash
  7. “Seagull” by Living Hour from Living Hour
  8. “We’ve Got No Plans” by New Speedway from Behavior: Holds
  9. “Loadstar” by Bananafish from Loadstar / Immersion
  10. “Discharge” by The World Needs Winners from Candy Depression
  11. “Tallulah” by Good Personalities from Jelly
  12. “Morning Pages” by The Orange Kyte from Morning Pages