About this compilation…

It wasn’t intentional, but, had this compilation been released on vinyl, the tracks on Side 1 would all be from North America—four from the USA and one from Canada, and the tracks on Side 2 would all come from somewhere else, specifically, New Zealand, Russia, Spain, Italy, and the Isle of Man. Most of these bands were new to me. With the possible exception of one or two, I don’t believe I was aware of any of them a year ago.

Anyway, sticking with the analogy, Side 1 begins with the dreamgaze and drone of El Monte, California’s Wall of Stars and Baltimore, Maryland’s Alter respectively. Then, thanks to some dreamy and slightly fuzzy Post Rock from Victoria, British Columbia’s ACAB Rocky, the Pacific Northwest is once again represented on this site. Side 1 closes out with some Shoegaze from Minneapolis, Minnesota’s Brilliant Beast and a bit of dreamgaze from Hartford, Connecticut’s Omega Vague.

Side 2 opens with some gothgaze by Magnitogorsk, Russia’s Honeyfrequency, followed by The Isle of Man’s Postcode, which might be the band I’ve known about longer than any of the others. By their own admission, they are not strictly Shoegazers, but they do dabble in the genre as well as several others. “Summer” may be the only ‘gazey’ song on Year Of The Zebra – Part Two, but I also liked “Echo” for its Horses-Era Patti Smith sound—especially the vocals.

Side 2 continues with a tasty piece of Shoegaze from Madrid, Spain’s The Poetry Book. The single from which “Kisses” was taken is the band’s second release of this year, coming hot on the heels of the EP First, which I also recommend. Next, comes some Dream Pop from Hamilton, New Zealand’s Ancient Tapes, before Kimono Nights of San Pancrazio, Italy wraps up Side 2 and the compilation with a soothing stretch of dreamgaze.


01. “Blue” by Wall of Stars tumblr

02. “Naked & Terrified” by Alter

03. “Backwoods” by ACAB Rocky facebook

04. “No Fate” by Brilliant Beast facebook

05. “The Long Way” by Omega Vague facebook

06. “Spit Your Dead” by Honeyfrequency

07. “Summer” by Postcode facebook SoundCloud

08. “Kisses” by The Poetry Book facebook SoundCloud

09. “Don’t Fade Away” by Ancient Tapes facebook

10. “Underground Station” by Kimono Lights facebook SoundCloud Instagram