I do not actively seek submissions from artists, but they do sometimes want to leave them anyway, and have done so in some pretty strange places on this site. That is entirely on me, as I had failed to turn off the commenting option in those places. I believe I have now plugged all the holes, but, since several of the submissions have been quite good, I thought I’d put up this page to make it easier for artists wanting to submit their Shoegaze albums, EPs, and singles for consideration to do so.

G U I D E L I N E S :
All submissions should genuinely be Shoegaze. I cannot stress this requirement enough. So, if you tag your music with terms like: ambient, instrumental, field recordings, acoustic, electronica, hip hop, trip hop, jazz, screamo, black metal, etc., please take your submission to a more receptive venue. I’m not saying that these aren’t valid forms of musical expression, I’m saying that they don’t interest me.

3 responses to “Submissions

  1. Hi

    I’m Anton, doing a collaboration with Maia Dietrich under the name of Blocma.

    We’re currently doing our first release. Just talk to us if you want to get to know us!


    Anton & Maia

    BLOCMA is an electronic noise pop duo that emerged from a project created in 2015.
    The improvised video and demo recordings ended up on Instagram and Soundcloud minutes after they were recorded.
    This led to the recording of the 8 track album “Ordinary Love” due to be released 18th of March 2016.
    The two-piece from Stockholm consists of singer and producer Maia Dietrich and bassist Anton Ljungh.

    First single from the album:

  2. Hi, We love your posts!
    Here are a couple of our tracks we think you’d enjoy:

    Distraction (Here Comes Dror)

    Driving To My Sun

    The Intelligence Service

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