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Alright, today’s musical journey begins with a three-track road trip starting south of the Rio Grande and ending north of the 49th Parallel. México’s Coco provides the opener, taken from their debut album, which is followed in turn by the A-side from the second single by Gold Muse of Boston, Massachusetts and the first track from the demo EP by Rogue of Edmonton, Alberta.

After a quick trip to Italy to listen to the opening track from the self-titled debut EP by Hidden Hinds, it’s back to the States for a track from the second EP by Riverside, California’s HABITAT and the A-side from the latest single (and preview for the soon-to-be-released full-length) by Cincinnati, Ohio’s Wussy (who do and do not ‘wuss out’ on this track, if you take my meaning).

Italy was fun, so I head back to Europe for some more ‘sonic sight-seeing’, beginning in the UK with a cut from the Presents For Sally half of the split release they share with 93MMFTS. Then it’s off to the continent to visit Berlin and take in a track from Life as Art 1927‘s third EP before heading to Spain to enjoy the sunshine and a track from the new Seven Tin Stars EP.

Returning to the States with the intention to wrap things up with tracks from two American bands, I find the lure of Ireland’s scenery (and pubs) to be irresistible. So, after slices from two debut EPs: the self-titled release by Chicagoans Lazy Legs and Ancestors by Angelinos Daydream Cathedral, it’s off to The Emerald Isle for a pint (or three) of the black stuff and a listen to one of the more ‘shoegazey’ tracks from The Altered Hours new album.


A nod of thanks to The Primal Music Blog for bringing The Altered Hours to my attention as well as for giving me reason to reconsider Sonic Cathedral‘s EP. Another nod of thanks goes out in the direction of Sounds Better With Reverb, who steered me toward Wussy and alerted me to the Presents For Sally/93MMFTS split release.


  1. “Montpellier” by Coco from Divisiones del Sol
  2. “Kiss The Sun” by Gold Muse from Kiss The Sun/​Your Own Floral Crown
  3. “Q4F” by Rogue from Streams
  4. “Nymphs” by Hidden Hind from Hidden Hind
  5. “Peace and Honor” by HABITAT from HEADWAVES
  6. “Dropping Houses” by Wussy from Dropping Houses
  7. “Not Young Not Old” by Presents For Sally from An Arms Reach Away/ Darkness Inside
  8. “Dancing in Acid Rain” by Life as Art 1927 from Sense of Time EP
  9. “Return to the white tide” by Seven Tin Stars from Return to the white tide
  10. “Lipstick Prick” by Lazy Legs from Lazy Legs EP
  11. “Eyelids” by Daydream Cathedral from Ancestors
  12. “Saviours” by The Altered Hours from In Heat Not Sorry



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