2015 Top 20s (according to Hoky)


About these compilations…

My buddy Miloš sandbagged me this year, making out like he was tired of putting cloudcasts together and then dropping these two beauties on me.

The way Hocky builds these compilations is to start with a song from the twentieth ranked release and then climb the list one release at a time until he reaches the top. Thus, the twentieth song comes from his number one ranked release.


01 “Heart Attack” by Hideous Towns
02 “Slower Now” by Star Horse
03 “Spring” by Lowtide
04 “We Try But We Don’t Fit In” by Day Wave
05 “Always” by Tender Age
06 “Construction” by Contrast
07 “In the Dark” by Balms
08 “Less” by The Morelings
09 “Running Late” by Web of Sunsets
10 “Yucatan” by Forevr
11 “Fluff” by Cattle
12 “CD Girl” by La Casa al Mare
13 “Foma” by Drag
14 “Sunne” by Cheatahs
15 “In the End” by Flyying Colours
16 “Pieces of Me” by Under Electric Light
17 “Don’t Fade Away” by Ancient Tapes
18 “Padded Cell” by Lapse
19 “Thin Air” by Wildhoney
20 “Last Resolve” by Air Formation


01 “Waiting for the Summer” by Winter
02 “Waves” by Shinies
04 “My Friend the Scientist” by Dråpe
04 “Twins” by Astrobrite
05 “Nothing Lasts” by Echo Lake
06 “Sleep Tight” by Presents for Sally
07 “Ravestar Supreme” by Pinkshinyultrablast
08 “Hadavhar” by Vaadat Charigim
09 “Jonna” by Westkust
10 “Sleep TV” by Fever Dream
11 “Safety Matches” by Deafcult
12 “Waves” by Quell
13 “Half a Lie” by Intenna
14 “Everyday is the Same” by Aerial Love Feed
15 “Fall In” by Wildhoney
16 “Body is Dead” by Funeral Advantage
17 “Luminous Veil” by Lightning Bug
18 “Beyond Love” by Beach House
19 “Broken” by The Amazing
20 “The Only Sound” by Butterfly Child

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