About this compilation…

This is a compilation of halves. Half of the tracks originated in the USA; two more are courtesy of Australia, while France, Italy, and Sweden contributed one each. Looked at from another perspective, half of the tracks were released in March, while the other half were all released earlier in the year. Apart from those tracks earmarked for themed compilations already in the works, I have no tracks from January and February left over. I’m all caught up!

For reasons that will become obvious to the listener, I wanted to use “Green” by Melbourne, Australia’s Del Boca Vista to close, and, having chosen “Sequin Days” by Nashville, Tennessee’s HONEYTOMB to open, I decided to continue to alternate tracks from the USA with those from other countries. So, all the odd-numbered tracks are from the States. Hey, I had to do something to keep myself entertained.

Of the eight remaining tracks, three are from bands whose music I have featured in earlier compilations—either here or at NWshoegazing. Before Bandcamp arrived on the scene, I used to search MySpace for Shoegaze bands, and, if I liked the music, buy their CDs. This is how I ended up with the self-titled debut EP of San Francisco, California’s Echodrone in 2007. I’m very happy to see the band is still in the game and making good music eight years later.

A friend brought Gotheburg, Sweden’s WESTKUST to my attention late in 2012, and I used the b-side from their Summer 3D single on a compilation in 2013. Now the band returns with Last Forever, an album due out in late April and featuring “Sway” as the first track. Like Del Boca Vista, Contrast are also from Melbourne, and they have already contributed 2013’s “Dull” and last year’s “Drum Machine” to previous compilations of mine. To say that I like these guys would be an understatement.

The three remaining bands from the USA are, making our way from the West Coast east to New England: Draag of Los Angeles, California, Calico Sunshine* of Texas, and Slowshine of Albany, New York. Boca River of Rennes, France and Human Colonies of Tuscany, Italy round out the overseas contributors. Hmmm, first Bialogard and La Casa al Mare, then Schonwald, My Invisible Friend, Kimono Lights, and now Human Colonies… these days, it seems my compilations often include tracks from Italian bands. Italy has not generally been considered a hotbed of Shoegaze activity, but that does seem to be changing rapidly.

*Less than 24 hours after I posted this, Calico Sunshine changed its name to The Drones


01. “Sequin Days” by HONEYTOMB facebook website

02. “Swirl” by WESTKUST facebook

03. “Janet” by Draag facebook

04. “Doomsday Killer” by Boca River facebook Instagram

05. “Glacial Place” by Echodrone facebook website

06. “Construction” by Contrast facebook

07. “Psyche Scare” by Calico Sunshine Instagram

08. “Falling Deeper” by Human Colonies facebook SoundCloud

09. “Far Out” by Slowshine facebook SoundCloud

10. “Green” by Del Boca Vista facebook

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