one track minds


About this compilation…

This is a collection of ten, individual tracks posted to Bandcamp like singles without ‘B-sides’. There are three tracks each from Australia and the USA, two from the UK, and one each from Mexico and Czech Republic.

The Aussies are represented by Perth’s HYLA, Brisbane’s Kigo, and Melbourne’s Kodiak Galaxy, while the USA chips in with contributions from Southern California’s Conheartists, Fresno, California’s Midwest Moms, and Baltimore, Maryland’s Morels. Only Kodiak Galaxy, Midwest Moms, and Morels were completely new to me, having used songs from HYLA‘s self-titled EP and Conheartist‘s Surrounded by Drones on Vibrato 14.02.

The UK’s offerings come from the geographically extreme regions of Teeside in the Northeast and Cornwall in the Southwest of England. Middlesbrough’s Figmennt (the second ‘n’ is not a typo) open this set with “She”, a bit of Dream Pop with a plaintive edge, while Flashes bolsters the middle with a livelier bit of Shoegaze in “Museum Peace”, a track which may feature on an EP scheduled for release in April.

With the release of their self-titled EP in 2014, Manon Meurt was one of the two Czech Republic bands to make a big splash on the Shoegaze scene with their debut offerings. This time, Rakovnik’s favorite Shoegazers return with “Untitled”, which I hope is a teaser from an upcoming release in 2015. Fingers crossed.

Mexico City’s Texture Chao close out the set with a kind of ‘jangly’ Shoegaze in “Meeting Hearts”.


01. “She” by Figmennt facebook SoundCloud

02. “Skeletons” by Midwest Moms facebook tumblr

03. “Untitled” by Manon Meurt facebook website (Czech)

04. “Sheep Who Lie In Fur” by Conheartist facebook

05. “The Thousands” by HYLA facebook

06. “Museum Peace” by Flashes facebook SoundCloud YouTube

07. “Like Amber” by Kigo facebook

08. “Raygun” by Morels facebook

09. “Fourteen Days” by Kodiak Galaxy facebook

10. “Meeting Hearts” by Texture Chao facebook

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