About this compilation…

There is so much good Shoegaze coming out of Australia these days that I extended the track list to twelve songs and still only used about half of the songs/artists I have on hand.


01. “The Sea” by Luna Ghost facebook

02. “You” by Roku Music facebook

03. “A Thousand Words” by COLOURS facebook SoundCloud

04. “(Not in It) For Love” by Blush Response facebook

05. “Four Acting As One” by All Sparks Burn Out facebook

06. “Old Fools” by Bloodhounds On My Trail facebook

07. “Like You Said” by Flyying Colours facebook

08. “Out of Mind” by Beaches facebook

09. “Don’t Try It” by Morning Harvey facebook tumblr

10. “Eckhart” by Flocks

11. “Solipsism” by Hideous Towns facebook

12. “Drum Machine” by Contrast facebook