pardon my french


About this compilation…

This was meant to be a compilation entirely of songs by French artists, but as I was looking for Schonwald’s links to Facebook, etc., I discovered that the band is Italian. Oh well, as I did find them on a French label, that will have to suffice.

My Inspiration for this cloudcast came from a fine pair of compilations I came across on Exploding Spastic Inevitable’s Bandcamp page: Frenchedelia – Volumes One and Two.

A third volume has since been added, and, where I had found only links to a site from which MP3 versions could be downloaded, the Bandcamp page now has all three volumes available as free downloads. I especially enjoyed the second volume, which has a more Shoegaze feel to the songs.

Frenchedelia – Volume One

Frenchedelia – Volume Two

Frenchedelia – Volume Three



01. “Shoegaze or Die” by The Great Artiste facebook

02. “Death” by Maria False facebook

03. “Shosho” by Cheri Cheri Jaguar facebook tumblr instagram

04. “Ceremonial Prayers” by Wall/Eyed facebook

05. “Deep Metals” by Schonwald facebook SoundCloud

06. “Stay” by FUTURE facebook website

07. “Pure” by The Dead Mantra facebook

08. “Black Paws” by Venera 4 facebook SoundCloud tumblr

09. “Heartbeat I” by HERMETIC DELIGHT facebook website

10. “Unreachable Hopes” by White Glow facebook SoundCloud YouTube website

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